KIN is a collaborative design and development company, working to create a better designed, healthier, and more sustainable built environment.

We act as developers, designers, and community enablers to build highly sustainable, genuinely affordable homes, and vibrant, resilient communities, working with future residents to tailor our projects to the needs of local people.

We believe simple is beautiful. Our homes are simple, modern, full of light, tactile, and beautifully crafted.

We use Passive House techniques, and innovative digital and off-site manufacturing technologies to deliver quality, affordability, cost certainty, and customisation; including the open source WikiHouse building system which we helped develop.


Local Authorities and public land owners

We work with public land owners to deliver sustainable and genuinely affordable homes on public land. We can ensure that land is protected, staying in public hands or being stewarded by an asset-locked community organisation.

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Community groups and selfbuilders

Are you looking to create a community-led development or find a group to join? We can provide support every step of the way, whether you need simple advice or a collaborative design and development partner. And, if you are interested in cohousing, you can find out more at cohousing.co

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Private land owners

Are you a land owner looking to develop or sell your land? Get in touch to find out if your land is suitable for sustainable development.



We work with developers to deliver market-leading sustainable pilot projects and sustainable, affordable, and community-led / selfbuild homes to meet planning obligations.

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If you are an investor looking to invest in sustainable or social projects, we would love to discuss how you can get involved.


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We build ultra energy-efficient homes (to Passive House standard).

They are fossil fuel free and generate their own renewable energy (where possible they’re net-positive).

We use healthy, natural, sustainably sourced materials.


We believe simple is beautiful. Our homes are simple minimal, full of light, tactile, and timeless. We make them more affordable through great design, not by cutting corners.

Our high-quality, innovative, off-site, digital manufacturing technologies reduce costs and increase quality.


We always provide a high-performance building envelope.

From there on, our homes are fully customisable.

Options include self-finish and build small extend later, which significantly reduce the cost to residents.


We design to foster strong, diverse communities.

We design neighbourhoods for the 21st Century, including electric car sharing, child friendly pedestrian streets, shared amenities, and biodiverse native habitats.

We empower future residents (including existing community-led groups) and work with Local Authorities to tailor projects to their needs.

Our low cost homes are genuinely affordable for people on modest incomes.

For the future

On public land and community projects, land is owned and stewarded by an asset-locked entity (e.g. a community land trust) providing security of tenure while reducing upfront costs to residents (and/or the freehold is retained by the Local Authority).

Finally, we’re always here to help, throughout the whole life of the homes and communities we build.